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Our Security Services


Protect your home, your business and your family from theft and intrusion with a monitored burglar alarm system.

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Essential for any business or retail premise. A fire alarm is more than security, it is a life saver

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Next Gen Security Systems are an NSI approved intruder alarm company that offers a effective range of intruder alarms including wired, wireless and monitored alarms for all properties and situations.

Fire alarm systems are an important system for any premises, be it retail, leisure or commercial. It is often a requirement that you have a fire alarm system installed to ensure the safety of your staff, the customers and the building itself.


Control who has access to your building and secure areas with the help of an access control system.

Covert CCTV

Access Control systems can be varied to suit your needs and requirements including proximity readers, digital keypads and biometrics. Access Control systems can be standalone or PC controlled for total security.


Excellent for flats, apartments, office blocks. A door entry system allows you to remotely open a door when needed.

Door entry systems can also be used to open automated gates and come in a variety of options including wired, wireless, GSM and IP systems to suit every installation and building type. Door entry system can be just audio or include video where required.


The eye that never blinks!!

CCTV systems are an excellent way to both observe and protect your property

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Next Gen Security Systems offer a full range of CCTV systems to suit every situation and security application, this can be from a simple 1 camera system to a fully functioning advanced HD CCTV system with remote off site monitoring

External Security

Protecting outside areas, storage yards, car parks and various external locations.


If you have an external area that needs protecting, or even scaffolding that needs securing during building works then we have the security solution for you with a wide range of external security systems and options.

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Our security system installations are for

domestic, business, commercial and industrial properties across London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire

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Not keen on having cables installed in your home or business? A wireless intruder alarm system is the answer!!!

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Wireless alarm systems offer the full range of protection that a wired alarm system provides but with the benefit of no cables and a quick installation time. Easy to extend and provide protection in places sucvh as garage and outbuildings where required.


It is important to have your security system serviced and maintained on a regular basis

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Next Gen Security offer a full range of maintenance contracts and package for all types of security systems including alarms, cctv and access control. A regular maintenance contract is also usually a requirement of your insurance provider.